Connecting the East Lake community and beyond


Worship connects people with God who brings healing, hope and wholeness through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Christ’s church you matter and everyone is welcome here, regardless of race, sexual orientation or age.

Worship Matters

In worship God gathers us, feeds us, teaches us and then sends us to share his Grace. Whether you’re new to church, just curious or a maturing disciple, we’re here together to explore what God is doing in the world and our lives. Messages are rooted in scripture but relevant to life. The approach is modern day with a “real and relevant” perspective. We see science and other resources of life as partners in the search for understanding and insight into God’s Creation and Life.

The mystery of God’s promises, given for all in the bread and wine of Holy Communion, is one we cannot comprehend. God’s promises come to us regardless of our membership or belief; regardless of our age, deserving, actions or understandings, and they beckon us into deeper relationship with God. If the Spirit is inviting you to participate, you are encouraged  to do just that!

Children may receive a blessing instead when parents indicate to the pastor.

All communion bread is gluten free. Grape juice is provided for those with sensitivities to wine.

Weekly Worship Menu:
Sat 5:00 p.m.:  Relaxed Traditional: Informal; unhurried; emphasis on fellowship; traditional music; communion.

Sun 9:15 a.m.: Contemporary: Informal; features contemporary music, praise band, multi-media; communion

Sun 11:00 a.m.: Traditional: Formal structure; traditional music, communion, rituals, liturgical format.

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