Connecting the East Lake community and beyond


There are different kinds of gifts. But it is the same Holy Spirit who gives them. There are different kinds of work to be done for Him. But the work is for the same Lord.  There are different ways of doing His work. But it is the same God who uses all these ways in all people.  The Holy Spirit works in each person in one way or another for the good of all.   1Corinthinans 12:4-7

LCR Ministries:

Meets: Wednesdays @10, Mondays @ 6:30 (except council meeting Mondays)
Enlightening discussions, learning stuff you never knew!

Focus: Fellowship, Expand literary horizons
Meets: 1st Tuesday of the month @ 1pm in Rm #9
Contact: Bonnie-Lou Binnig –
Meet new friends, join in stimulating discussions!

Focus: Welcoming Visitors, Building relationships, Creative baking
Meets: No
Contact: Erika Hazlett –
Do you enjoy baking? Fresh homemade loaves are provided as welcome gifts each weekend.

Focus: Women’s fellowship, Bible study, support church needs
Meets: 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 7pm in members’ homes or @church
Contact: Tamara Osipov –
Substitute players are needed each month.

Focus: Spiritual journey
Meets: Every Monday @ 7pm in the sanctuary
Contact: Tom Smith –
The prayer group meets for sessions of silent meditational prayer, chanting, contemplative walks, teaching and wisdom sharing to support the Christian spiritual journey.

Focus: Creates PowerPoint slides and production bulletins for Contemporary worship services. Facilitates blessing at the altar of items created/donated by congregational members/teams.
Meets: No
Contact: Kim Feeney –
Contemporary worship continues to be streamlined and modified as directed by Pastor Dave and/or Director of Music.

Focus: Spiritual and Physical Health
Meets: No
Contact: Maureen Adamson –
Assists Pastor Dave with home/hospital visits and maintains connections through phone calls to members. Raises awareness for healthy living practices. No need to be a nurse!

Focus: Overall management of LCR’s financial condition; approve accounting process, revenue and expense control.
Meets: Via telephone conference call or in person on Wednesday before council meeting
Contact: Tim McMahon –
The Finance Team will continue to emphasize revenue generation, improve financial reporting and transparency. The Finance Team is always looking for new members.

Focus: Provide physical and financial assistance to those in need
Meets: 3rd Thursday of the month @7pm
Contact: Kerry Michelotti  –
Global Missions Team supports/sponsors several local causes –  F.E.A.S.T. food pantry in Palm Harbor; backpacks for Pinellas County’s HEAT team, F.E.A.S.T. and metropolitan Ministries kids returning to school; Christmas Angel Tree gifts for Tarpon Springs’ Shepherd Center’s children and families; Noisy Can weekends to support LCR members or other local families in need; Souper Bowl of Caring – held the weekend of the Super Bowl and designated to a specific cause each year.

Focus: Host fun events throughout the year; support several other congregational events like the Christmas Concert and Christmas dinner.
Contact: Tamara Osipov –
If you like to decorate, cook a little and want to help plan fun social events like Father’s Day Breakfast, Spring Luncheon, Fall Potluck – come join us!

Focus: Fellowship, fun
Meets: Every Friday @9am
Contact: Marilyn Bartz –
Come! Have fun! Learn a new game!

Focus: Service to others; support partners with Metropolitan Ministries-Pasco
Meets: No
Contact: Kim Feeney –
Various service opportunities abound as an MVP! Everything from helping serve dinner at Miracles of Pasco facility to planning and executing baby showers for residents! If your passion is service, come have a blast extending the love of Jesus to our community!

Focus: Invest wisely, award grants
Contact: Jack Powell –
This is great fun – we get to give away money to support causes reflecting LCR’s mission and growing the kingdom!

Focus: Providing quality music through voice and instrument.
Meets: Various evenings, depending on group.
Contact: Lynne Buelo, Director of Music –
Numerous avenues are available to all with the passion for music – “Voices of Praise”, Men’s Choirs, Men’s Quartet, Contemporary Bands: Salt and Power of Praise and LCR’s Bell choir – “Resound”.

Focus: Connecting people to God and each other
Meets: First Thursday of the month @7pm
Erika Hazlett:

Through neighborhood events, community partnerships, social media and campus resources, Outreach aims to connect people with purpose. In partnership with the American Legion, Post #46, BINGO is being offered Wed. evenings as a fun way to connect with the community while helping to raise funding for the Youth Program.

Focus: Maintenance and care of LCR buildings, campus and equipment.
Meets: No
Contact: Ann Richards –
“Property Day” is held the 3rd Saturday of the month 8am-12pm. There is a need for a Property Group Lead – if the Spirit moves you to answer this calling, LCR invites you to step right up!

Focus: Care of lifestyle, finances, vocation, spiritual gifts and most especially – caring for God’s creation
Meets: 1st Tuesday of the month @6:15pm

Focus: Creating items of comfort for others
Meets: 1st Tuesday of the month @9am
Contact: Chris Mason –
Stitches close wounds. The Stitches team sews, knits items of comfort for LCR members as well as people in the community, hospitals, homeless shelters. Handmade bread bags are also created to carry the “welcome” loaves lovingly baked by the Bread Team.

Focus: Traditional Worship Planning
Meets: Random Tuesdays @10:30am
Contact: Kathy Simpson –
The team’s mission is to keep worship services fresh and meaningful through the introduction of “newer” hymns (in the hymnal) and liturgy elements to enhance the meaning for all worshipers.

Focus: Food and fellowship.
Meets: Every Wednesday from 3:45-6:30pm
Contact: Chef Joe Arcese –
In 2018, the Wednesday meal, in partnership with the Shepherd Center in Tarpon Springs, fed over 10,000 hot meals to the homeless and served close to 3000 meals onsite. Additionally, the WNO team has catered both outside organization events and LCR functions. New volunteers for the service staff are always welcome!

Focus: Women’s fellowship, support for local women’s causes
Meets: 4th Thursday of each month @6pm. Locations vary
Contact: Bonnie-Lou Binnig –
Gathering monthly for food and fellowship, we continue to support two organizations reflecting our mission – Kimberly Home and Haven House – through contributions and service.

Focus: Set up, clean up, serve during worship services.
Meets: No
Sat. 5: Beth Hoffman –
Sun. 9:15: Kim Feeney –
Sun. 11: Bill Adamson –
Positions are available for men, women and youth of all ages. (for safety reasons, a few positions have a minimum age requirement). No previous experience required – training is available!

Focus: Grow LCR youth and family-oriented program.

LCR has partnered with East Lake Middle School, giving awards and monetary incentives reflecting the school’s “Caught Being Awesome” program.