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Sunday School

Sunday School

Students may attend the 9:15 worship service where they will be released to class around 9:40. This allows the opening music, prayer, scripture readings and communion to be enjoyed together by all. Class begins at 9:45 and runs to 10:30.

LCR offers three classes –

  • Kindergarten through 2nd grade
  • 3rd grade through 5th grade

This year’s curriculum for kindergarten through 5th grade comes from Augsburg Fortress’ “Spark” program. It’s an engaging, Bible-based curriculum that helps kids make sense of the Bible through the use of practical resources and fun activities. More information about the curriculum can be found at:

The middle school class is meeting bi-weekly while using the Echo the Story Sunday School curriculum produced by Sparkhouse.  The Echo the Story is a 12-session overview from creation to the beginning of the Christian church.  Youth discover meaning and fresh insights from the biblical narrative through observation and dialogue. This approach sparks curiosity and allows connections and applications to surface naturally.  To connect with different learning styles, each student chooses between the drawing and creative writing activities provided in their Sketch Journal. These activities inspire creativity, provide ownership, and prompt students to re-enter the story.  We hope your student(s) will join the middle school classroom and see the Bible and God in new and different ways through the storying process.