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Sermon Notes from Pastor Dave

Sermon Notes are notes that are produced on most weekends to help guide readers/viewers through the preaching text.  Included in them will often be 1) the scripture text (most often the gospel appointed for the day), 2) some commentary re: background to the circumstances/text/culture/history/insight to the words or theology, and finally 3) some thought-provoking questions.  These Notes can be used during worship for notetaking, at home for devotions, shared with others to engage conversation.  Your feedback/input is welcome to shape them for the future.

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July 3, 2022: And then the Fireworks Started

So telling the story is clearly not to be limited to the twelve disciples. The good news is meant to be shared far & wide by those who trust Jesus & follow him. This is a reminder to all of the followers of Jesus of every time & place. Sharing the good news is not just the responsibility of “professionals” like clergy. Sharing the good news is the calling of everyone who follows Jesus. Read more

July 10, 2022: Neighbor – From Who to How

Our definition of “neighbor” has perhaps for too long been far too narrow. “Neighbor” mostly means those who look like us, believe as we do, & live close by. Perhaps this narrow definition is beginning to crack open. Children especially may realize that the neighbor in today’s parable of the good Samaritan is not simply the person next door. Explore with the children who our neighbors are, then explore what it could look like to love these neighbors. Jesus’ story about the person who was hurt & the person who was merciful in spite of differences illustrates an expansive, borderless, selfless kind of love that reaches across boundaries for the good of the other. This kind of love is not reserved solely for our family & friends but is also offered beyond that narrow circle to those who are vulnerable & alienated. No one is beyond this far-reaching love. Read more

July 17, 2022: Listen, Learn, Think, Reflect AND Act, Act, Act

Does Jesus value Mary’s choice over Martha’s? I do not think so. The story of Jesus’ visit to Martha’s house is related to the questions of church life. Martha’s house is a house church where Christians met to worship & learn the word of God. The Book of Acts refers to house churches (2:42, 46; 5:42; 20:20). The traditional interpretation of Luke 10:38-42 presents the narrative as a problem between Martha & Mary, but it is about the two kinds of ministries: diakonia & the word. Marta represents the ministry of diakonia, & Mary represents the ministry of the word. Jesus does not prefer the ministry of the latter over diakonia. Instead, Jesus does not want the diakonia to be at the expense of the ministry of the word. Both ministries are important. The ministry of diakonia should not absorb our energy & time & drive us to neglect God’s word.  Read more

July 24, 2022: A Way to Nurture a Relationship

In the New Testament, “the kingdom” of God is not heaven after death, but the enacted will of God on earth, made possible through the death & resurrection of Christ & the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Thus the petition for the kingdom includes our prayer for the earth itself, its waters & forests, plants & animals. We ask that God’s will be done in all the created universe. Read more