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Sermon Notes from Pastor Dave

Sermon Notes are brief (typically ½ page) notes that are produced on most weekends to help guide readers/viewers through the preaching text.  Included in them will often be 1) the scripture text (most often the gospel appointed for the day), 2) some commentary re: background to the circumstances/text/culture/history/insight to the words or theology, and finally 3) some thought-provoking questions.  These Notes can be used during worship for notetaking, at home for devotions, shared with others to engage conversation.  Your feedback/input is welcome to shape them for the future.

Sermon notes from 2020 are archived here

Sermon notes from January 2021 through June 2021 are archived here

July 4, 2021: Set Free to Be, Tell & Do

Jesus encourages the disciples to “shake the dust from their feet” as testimony against a bad encounter as they go about their missional work. How often do we carry negative encounters with us from station to station in this life? Feel encouraged to reflect on what you continue to carry from bad encounters, perhaps even bad encounters within the community of the faithful? Mercy, reconciliation, forgiveness, & resilience are all at play in this one act. Read more

July 11, 2021: Listening to and Speaking Truth

Few of us want to hear a hard truth, & perhaps fewer of us want to be the ones called to deliver one. Today’s texts remind us that bearing God’s word is risky business. Herod delivers John the baptizer’s head on a platter to his wife, Herodias, to fulfill a promise he never should have made. Speaking truth to power can cost us our lives. Yet this is exactly what God calls & privileges us to do. God’s prophets are ordinary people called to deliver an extraordinary message. We are sent from worship each week to proclaim God’s in-breaking reign to all the powers that profess to rule this world. Read more

July 24/25, 2021: Wanna Make a Miracle Real?

Recognizing the power of action, John calls to mind the ways prophets fed & nourished the people, & then he multiplies this in the person & action of Jesus. Jesus uses earthly gifts to provide for the gathered community—the gospel’s vision of Jesus’ life & God’s abundance in creation. Read more

August 1, 2021: Pulling the Curtain Back

Today’s texts move us from rumbling tummies & flaring tempers to a refocusing on the blessings poured out & the primary benefactor. We see the gifts of God, which come in a variety of ways: physical nourishment, roles & talents lifted up in community, new life given now & into the ages of ages. Yet each of these actions & the gifts mean little if we are not able to see the one who is the giver & to recognize that the gifts are not merely about what we can do to get them or what signs are needed to prove them; Read more