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Sermon Notes from Pastor Dave

Sermon Notes are brief (typically ½ page) notes that are produced on most weekends to help guide readers/viewers through the preaching text.  Included in them will often be 1) the scripture text (most often the gospel appointed for the day), 2) some commentary re: background to the circumstances/text/culture/history/insight to the words or theology, and finally 3) some thought-provoking questions.  These Notes can be used during worship for notetaking, at home for devotions, shared with others to engage conversation.  Your feedback/input is welcome to shape them for the future.

Sermon notes from 2020 are archived here

January 10, 2021: The Promise in Chaos

God is always interested in bringing forward that which might bring order, life and wholeness into our midst. A way to make sense of life – especially when it seems senseless. Read more

January 16/17, 2021: Finding Life

For John, there needs to be no miraculous birth to indicate Jesus’ divine identity, because he is the God-sent teacher, the one come from God to replace human kings, the ultimate fulfillment of religious hopes, and the divine judge glorified by angels at the end of time. Read more

January 23/24, 2021: Finding Life: The Cost

Before Jesus calls his first disciples, he proclaims a message that becomes known as “the gospel” or good news from God. God is ready to rule our lives. Those who realize this will respond with repentance and faith.  The price paid is the Privilege received. Read more

January 30/31, 2021: Finding Life: The Freedom

When Jesus speaks, evil flees. The Gospel of Mark describes Jesus as speaking with divine authority; his words have the power to replace the reign of evil with the kingdom of God. Those who encountered Jesus were sometimes quite surprised by his ability to take old teachings and make them come alive with new relevancy. Read more

February 6/7, 2021: Finding Life: Serving Scars

Mark is a dense yet breathless read. Even these final eleven verses in chapter 1—only eleven verses—could easily provide words and actions for half of a full-length feature film. Yet it is unlikely the density of activity is a mere plot device, but rather a chilling reminder of the urgency, immensity, and uncomfortable proximity of human misery in Jesus’ time. Countless modern conveniences may make humanity think that everything is “better” now, but sadly, much of this illusion of progress only comes from our ability as citizens of the US or Canada to distance ourselves from brutal realities. Jesus didn’t, though—couldn’t. And if we follow God’s call as Jesus where might we find ourselves? Read more

February 27/28, 2021: Promised Presence: I don wanna grow up

When we enter a covenant with God we will be changed. Abram and Sarai become Abraham & Sarah yet they retain the core of who they were. In the gospel, Jesus is beginning to share what his role means and how he will bring about the change that the entry of the Kingdom into the world causes. The power of death itself over humanity will be destroyed and able to be seen for what it is…. a big lie. Read more

March 6/7, 2021: Promised Presence: Crushing Rules

True obedience doesn’t come because I’m forced or expected to do something….it rises up out of a relationship shaped and filled with real love. I ‘do’ because I want to do is an expression of faith. Read More

March 13/14, 2021: Promised Presence: Persevering Enduring

Turning to Jesus is where we find life for all that poisons our world. Jesus and God both had to endure the path also in order to bring this healing to us. Read more

March 20/21, 2021: Promised Presence: Hope Seeds that Break Hearts

This new Covenant that Jeremiah speaks of is coming because Jesus is the holy seed being ‘planted’ into the ground and will blossom with a holy hope for all people. Read more

April 4, 2021 – Easter Sunday: Building a New Normal – The Promise

A main reason the church exists is to proclaim that there is a Promise which can lead, guide and help us through the current trauma/change and into a new normal – a step into a future closer to what is envisioned in the first place. Read more

April 10/11, 2021: Building a New Normal- Painful Signs of Hope

The life giving Spirit is what the Risen Christ gives…..with it comes peace, assurance, calm, belief, etc. The way in which Thomas is restored to the community is by touching the wounds. Resurrection does not diminish the signs of Christ’s suffering but rather transforms them into a bridge of connection with our wounds and suffering. Read more