Joining God in Palm Harbor and the World.

Pastor’s Message

“Murphy’s Law” postulates that whatever can go wrong will. The scriptural equivalent may be “Thomas’ Law”. It’s the cynic’s delight – if the best occurs, someone’s likely to be right there saying, “I don’t believe it” or “it’ll never work” – some version of a pin poking a balloon.

Even when Jesus’ resurrection is confirmed by many and the exciting news spreads, there are inevitably some – like Thomas – who bring their best Eeyore impersonation to the forefront.

During his earthly ministry, Jesus repeatedly presents examples, demonstrates who he is and what God’s power can do in people’s lives. Even though the cynicism doesn’t stop, a remarkable aspect of faith is that God continues to work – regardless of obstacles thrown in its path by reason, logic, prejudice or emotion.

The Good News is that Jesus anticipates the doubt. Even when one of his closest group remains unbelieving, “unless I put my hands in the wounds…”, Jesus ties up the loose ends. He goes directly to Thomas and invites him to bring his doubts to the edge of his fingertips where they simply melt away.

Jesus comes to us the same way – inviting us to bring our doubts close to him – to reach out, touch the activity of ministry, try it, look closely at the changed lives, drink deeply of the wine of compassion and the fruit of kingdom efforts.

Even when we miss them – wondering if all this church stuff is real or can make a difference – these have always been here. Just one time meeting someone who’s homeless looking for food; one time connecting outside of church with the prison ministry; or one poignant moment in the Wednesday morning Bible study when some insight truly clicks; or a moment of togetherness in a baptism when the generations from before and those to come are connected in those droplets of grace – any one of those and a thousand other occurrences that happen each week show us time and again that the Risen Christ is still there and still active and still inviting us to believe, belong and be active.

Watch for Him. You might be surprised where He shows up!

See you in church and in Easter Joy!

Pastor Dave