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Pastor’s Message

School’s back in, traffic starts increasing, calendars start filling in again….its back to the routine!  There seems to be something about a rhythm, cycle and order to life that we humans need or crave.  We use alarms and calendars to keep ourselves on track.  We note with milestones and celebrations things in life like starting or finishing school in kindergarten, high school or college; maybe its movement through levels of sports, clubs or scouting like Alex VanScoy’s recent achievement and Eagle Scout award.  Certainly, we note the progress we make through jobs and careers until retirement.
Our faith speaks to these things from the earliest sections of Genesis (the 6 days of Creation followed by a time of Reflection/Rest) through the end of Revelation (an experience when all things come together in a living reality of community and wholeness).  There is a sense that God desires that we join God in a dance of delight in all the moments that become good memory and that we hold on tight to God’s promises during the times of doubt, depression or devastation.
During our lives we may have many cycles and chapters that are written in the history of our memory as it is made, and the activity of our decisions being lived out.  In the midst and underneath, the Holy Spirit invites us to see something more profound than circumstance and more uplifting than beauty found – that there is purpose to our days, celebration available to our souls and a relationship with our Creator that will endure all things.  In all these chapters then, we have the option to seek out and participate, to honor and embrace what the Risen Christ is continuing to accomplish in our lives and in the world.  These are all carried forward through the words we share, thoughts we formulate, actions we express and the relationships we care for.  Do they reflect a strong awareness and understanding of what it means that beyond the cycles of our life there is a meaning and purpose to our days?  And in every moment of our days we have the opportunity to pause and reflect that we are meant to live eternally with God and that shapes how we can live today.  Just some ponderings as we move from the summer heat to the routine of September-style schooling about life.  See you in worship.

Pastor Dave