Joining God in Palm Harbor and the World.


It looked like a regular church, but on Dec. 30 it  became a winter wonderland complete with 25 tons of SNOW! What a joy it was to see so many enjoying the 60′ long sled run sponsored by Lutheran Church of the Resurrection!

The  event provided many opportunities for both children and adults to experience a “bit of the North”: ice fishing, Florida “snow” balls, frozen turkey bowling, sledding. There were crafts, raffles, an “ugly sweater contest”, winter scene cake decorating contest (with free cake-eating after the judging!), bounce house, snow king and queen, food vendor trucks, and the evening session included an entirely additional experience: DJ music, dancing, wine/beer garden and much more.

LCR’s thanks go out to the many businesses and individuals who donated both prizes and financial support to WINTERFEST and over 100 volunteers who worked in front of and behind the scenes to make this community event such a fun time! Proceeds from Winterfest supported the needs of the local homeless population and the church Youth Ministry so that a group of teens can travel to Houston for hurricane cleanup with 35,000 others from across the country.

After a significant repair project last year, the congregation is moving on to its Fellowship Hall next, evolving it into a Social Hall complete with catering kitchen. This continues the congregation’s strategy of orienting itself outward and positioning itself as a partner meeting community needs. Other visions the congregation has include a separate building to be shared with the several hundred families having active scouts on the campus. The community will also likely notice lighting, safety and security improvements that are planned.

LCR’s approach to being and doing ‘church’ includes a strong emphasis on using all the resources God has given in order to find meaning, direction, reconciliation, peace, effectiveness and efficiency in the practice of one’s faith. For example, science, psychology, sociology and many other disciplines are seen as partners in the pursuit of understanding God’s creation and purposes not competitors with alternative answers. Mainline theology sees no conflict between evolution and the Creation stories in the Bible, since they answer differing questions: science addresses the ‘how and what’ while theology addresses ‘who and why.’ Add to this, LCR takes a team approach creating a structured, yet permission-giving environment, where ministry revolves around the people engaging collectively with the mission God has placed within and in front of them, fitting their giftedness to the community’s need.