Joining God in Palm Harbor and the World.


The Summer Film Fest will be replacing Wednesday morning Bible Study for the summer. Film times run from 1 to a little over 2 hours, so please come a little early to settle in. There will be a short discussion period after each film.

July-August Line-up:

  • A bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere and seven older women are stranded. Watch them turn a crisis into a magical time of humor and spirit! (105 min)



  • Man of the sword and man of the cloth unite to shield 18th century South American Indian tribe from subjugation of colonial empires. Jeremy Irons, Robert DeNiro (125 min)


  • Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador making a passionate stand against social injustice and oppression in his country. A lesson in “liberation theology.” (105 min)



  • Inspired by real events in Britain. Women join the U.K.’s Suffragette movement, sacrificing their jobs, homes, children, and even their lives for the right to vote. (107 min)


  • Escorting the remains of a fallen Marine home, Lt. Col. Strobl finds himself on a sojourn into the soul of a country mourning all our fallen heroes. (78 min)



  • A group of women from diverse countries held prisoner  during World War II  unite to form a vocal orchestra, creating a life affirming symphony of human voices. (132 min)



  • A mysterious refugee from the French civil war transforms a desolate Danish hamlet’s understanding of faithfulness and salvation. (103 min)



  • When one of them reveals a devastating secret, a raucous vacation of old friends becomes  a mission to make an impossible wish come true for their friend. (94 min)