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Going Out in Style!

Don’t you just love a good party?

We plan all the major events in our lives: weddings, birthdays, a baby’s birth. Rarely do you find a group talking about making end of life decisions and planning their funeral. Why not? Anyone of any age having a loved one in their life or an asset to pass along should attend Going Out in Style to learn all the options.

With new information in each session, and the workshops’ celebratory atmosphere, Going Out in Style sponsored by Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Palm Harbor will help you start pre-planning what could be the biggest party of your life. Making as many decisions about your future now will ensure your wishes are followed and decrease the anxiety your family will have about making those decisions for you. This will truly be the greatest gift of love you can leave with them.

There are always lots of details to think about when planning an event. Speakers with tips and suggestions, workbooks with lists to help you get organized as well as the support of fellow participants will be close by.

November 3:

Anita Russell, MPH, is a Manager for Hospital Care Coordination at North Bay Hospital. Using a booklet provided by BayCare, Anita will guide you through the steps of developing your advance directives. By communicating your medical preferences in writing before you are unable to make health care decisions for yourself, you will be sparing your family the anxiety of having to guess what you would like.

Kelly Siegel, Outreach Specialist for Empath Health, previously known as Suncoast Hospice, will discuss the importance of legacy letters to preserve your values, beliefs and your stories. By reflecting on an event important to you, you’ll be linking future generations to your history, leaving a record of what you hope to pass on to them. We’ll have the opportunity to try our first letter in this presentation.

November 10:

Sherri M. Stinson is an attorney who is passionate about the importance of comprehensive pre-planning while you’re able to make decisions about your future. Who would you choose as your guardian to manage your daily living, should you become incapacitated? Making decisions for you such as use of home care, taking medications, getting a nutritional diet and managing your finances are some of your guardian’s responsibilities. During Sherri’s time with us she will also discuss probate, wills and trusts.

Steve Miller, regional Thrivent representative, will discuss Estate Planning, the process of arranging for the management of your assets to ensure they end up where you intended them to go. An estate plan goes much further than a will. It deals with the distribution of assets and legacy wishes, but it also may help you and your heirs pay substantially lower taxes, fees and court costs.

November 24:

Kim Clark, from the National Cremation Society, will discuss the importance of pre-planning cremation to ensure your wishes are met. An overview of the services includes making the arrangements from your home in four easy steps and its affordable all-inclusive packages.

Edgar Castro, from Sylvan Abbey Funeral Home and Memorial Park, will help you begin the plans for your funeral. Using a booklet to help you organize your thoughts, consider this a gift of love to your family. Edgar will discuss why it’s important to pre-plan as much as possible. A few of the choices you can make for your loved ones are choosing your casket, will it be open or closed, type of ceremony, who will attend or be a pallbearer, what music is to be played or scriptures read, what do you want in your obituary?

Rev. Dr. David Gardner Tweed, LMHC, CST (Psychotherapist in practice 25+years & current pastor of LCR) will help you consider the spiritual and psychological dynamics of the death & dying process. He will also be discussing what is important to include in your final conversations with loved ones and how to face anxiety, fear and other emotions and those emotions in others. There will be an overview of the spiritual dynamics and questions as end of life nears and an opportunity to consider your funeral or memorial service including scriptures, music, participants as well as the meaning and purpose of memorial/legacy gifts, events and activities.

All sessions held on Sunday afternoons @ 12:30pm
11/3, 11/10 Going Out in Style sessions are held in the Social Hall; 11/24 session is in the sanctuary
Cost per session is $10. All three sessions for $25.
Please RSVP to