Connecting the East Lake community and beyond

Drive-in Church!

“Come as you are in the family car!”  A drive-in service allows you to sit comfortably in your air-conditioned car, sing as loudly as you’d like without a mask and even wear your pjs to church!

As you drive in (Windmill Pointe entrance), there will be 2 (identical) Welcome Tables.  Pick up a Worship Bag which will include a month’s worth of Celebrate Inserts (scripture bulletins), Connection Cards for Comments, Concerns (prayer requests) & Contact information (new and updated information), small vials of anointing oil with prayers, communion cups and coloring sheets to go with the children’s sermon. There will be a plate to drop offering in when you enter AND a plate to drop off offering & connection cards when you leave.


Details about LCR’s return to worship –

  1. 1 worship service – Sunday at 9:30am – starting June 28th
  2. Enter LCR via Windmill Pointe & tune your car to 87.7fm
  3. Kids’ coloring sheets will be included in the enews – be sure to print them out or screen shot them!
  4. The nursery will be closed – bathrooms only available for emergencies
  5. Service will be ~30 minutes & will include:
    1. Welcome & Announcements
    2. Prayer of the day
    3. Song
    4. Sharing of the Peace (use your blinkers!)
    5. Children’s Sermon
    6. Scripture
    7. Homily
    8. Song
    9. Prayers
    10. Communion (in your car)
    11. Blessing & Time to leave
  6. Interact while in your car!

    1. Short honks/beeps = clapping
    2. Headlights on/off = laughing
    3. Hazard lights = prayer request or a need
    4. Spraying washer fluid / wipers on = tear jerker
    5. Left blinker = share the peace with the car to your left
    6. Right blinker = share the peace with the car to your right
  7. Options: feel free to bring a lawn chair if you would like to sit outside – you must be socially distanced from anyone else outside their car & you must wear a mask if sitting outside near others

We are looking at streaming live through Facebook and saving the service for future viewing… stay tuned for more details